Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 29, 2015

Welcome to Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church


MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church is all about "making a difference" in the lives of ordinary people.  Since 1841, this church family has been "making a difference" in this community!

WHERE DO I BEGIN?  Take a tour of this web site to become a little bit more familiar with the 24/7 life of the people of this church!

SUNDAY MORNING!  Unless you are an incredibly outgoing person, attending a church for the first time can feel very awkward.  We can't change that fact.  But we promise not to embarrass you or make you stand out in the crowd.  You can jump right in and participate, or you can take your time and just check things out.

Join us on Sunday at 11 a.m. for our weekly worship celebration!  Don't be surprised if God has some special blessing JUST FOR YOU!

Pastor Robert Stutes